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Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival
Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival is annually organized by Sareyyet Ramallah. It is an artistic festival specialized in contemporary dance and was first held in 2006. In 2007, the Masahat Contemporary Dance Network, which in addition to Sareyyet Ramallah includes Maqamat Dance Theater – Lebanon, Tanween Dance Theatre – Syria, The National Center for Culture and Performing Arts – Jordan, was established. Since 2007, contemporary dance festivals are jointly organized by these organizations.

The Festival aims at promoting dialogue and cultural exchange between the Palestinian people and the people of the world. It also aims to introduce a variety of contemporary dance styles to the Palestinian people and to develop the capabilities of those who work in the dance field in Palestine. The Festival targets the Palestinian public in general and the youth sector in particular.

Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival was awarded the Qattan Distinction Award for Distinguished Cultural Work for the Year 2008, and “Welfare Association Achievement Award 2014”.