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Sareyyet Ramallah Newsletter January – June 2023

20 September 2023

Dear Members & partners, We would like to share with you our semi-annual newsletter for this year, you can read it through the following link:

It might have been a mere dream or a beautiful hope to which they aspired, but when the dream was pursued with inherited will and dedication, and when the next generation continued the journey with loyalty, persistence, honesty and patriotism, it all came true, and Sareyyet Ramallah flourished and grew as high as its cypress trees, and became one of Palestine’s landmarks.

Sareyyet Ramallah is located at Al-Tireh Street in Ramallah and encompasses different facilities that provide services for those interested in exercising basketball, swimming and physical fitness in addition to three halls for all types of dance. Further to using them for sports activities and dance, Sareyyet Ramallah halls are qualified to accommodate meetings, conferences, exhibitions and public festivals. Also, it includes a public garden, children playground and Hamadah Center for Cultural Activities. Sareyyet Ramallah welcomes the public, institutions and individuals to visit its facilities and practice a variety of activities in its qualified facilities.

Indoor playground
Al-Birjawi Dance Studio
Outdoor playground
Jbeineh Dance Studio
Aziz Shaheen Hall (Annasbeh)
Public Garden
Swimming Pool
Hamadah Cultural Center

Conditions of Agreement to Rent Facilities at Sareyyet Ramallah Sareyyet Ramallah will provide the use of its facilities to external parties when permission has been requested in writing and has been approved according to the following guidelines.   A. Scheduling a. Sareyyet Ramallah reserves the right to cancel the agreement at any time. b. Sareyyet Ramallah... Read More