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Scout Programs and Activities

  1. Scout Camps
    The Scout Council regularly holds scout camps for the different scout groups. These camps aim to build self-dependence, work within a team, development of individual skills and life in nature.
  2. Scout journeys
    To get acquainted with the surrounding environment and preserve it, the Scout Council regularly organizes on foot scout journeys for the different scout groups.
  3. Scout Parades on national and religious occasions
    Sareyyet Ramallah scout groups and music bands participate in the parades and marches held on the national and religious occasions. Moreover, Sareyyet Ramallah supervises Easter Vigil, which is annually held on the occasion of Easter. Sixteen (16) scout groups participate in this parade. This parade has become an annual religious and national tradition in which several religious and national personalities participate in the presence of thousands of citizens.
  4. Voluntary Work
    Generally, Sareyyet Ramallah is built on voluntary work as an important value in Palestinian society. Sareyyet Ramallah continuously works on promoting the concept of voluntary work and it has been and still a pioneer in this field in Palestine. Moreover, it was the first organization that hosted foreign volunteers who contributed to the digging and construction of Sareyyet Ramallah swimming pool in 1972. It is worth noting that Sareyyet Ramallah continuously holds voluntary work campaigns (inside and outside its premises), blood donation campaigns for the wounded and needy and makes visits for martyrs and prisoners' families. It also participates in voluntary work camps including Ramallah International Camp organized by Ramallah Municipality.
  5. Developing Leadership Skills
    Believing in the importance of activating the role of youth being the future leaders, the Scout Movement aims to develop the leadership skills among the youth. In cooperation with a number of local and foreign organizations, Sareyyet Ramallah organizes different programs that seek to promote the spirit of leadership of youth. It also participates in several programs including the Digital Expression Camp annually held in Al-Isma'iliyah in Egypt in cooperation with the Digital Expression Foundation, the exploration trips held in Jordan and the summer camp held by Greater Amman Municipality in cooperation with Ramallah Municipality, in addition to the meetings and training courses regularly organized by the Scout council.