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Summer Dance School

Since 2016, Sareyyet Ramallah has organized a Sareyyet Ramallah summer dance school, during the months of July and/or August. Local, Arab and foreign dancers participate in the school to develop their dancing art projects with local and foreign coaches and choreographers, and they develop their abilities in many topics related to dance through workshops offered to them during the summer school period such as production and theater management, dramaturge, professional photography in the field of dance, scenography, and other topics of interest to the dance sector.

The school focuses on dancers and the development of their artistic projects, to give them an opportunity later to display them in local and international festivals, as well as gain them better skills in terms of producing their performances.

The school aims to:

  1. Provide opportunities for dancers to develop their artistic projects under the supervision of specialized coaches.
  2. Develop the capabilities of dancers in the fields of dance and choreography.
  3. Promote the concept of professional dance.