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Sareyyet Ramallah Folklore Dance Company

The history of this company goes back to the early sixties when Sareyyet Ramallah's popular Dabkeh Company participated in Al-Tireh Festival during the period from 1962 to 1966. As a result of the June 1967 war; the Company suspended its work. In 1985, the Group was re-established by a number of Sareyyet Ramallah youth who were interested in popular dance. The Company premiered its first performance at the end of the scout camp of Sareyyet Ramallah in the summer of 1985. Then the Group performed for the first time in a popular dance contest at Bethlehem University and won first place.

The work of the Sareyyet Ramallah Folklore Dance Company is inspired by and based on the Arab cultural heritage in general and the Palestinian heritage in particular. Thus, the Company presents artistic productions with a human theme and aims to contribute to the development and upgrading of the artistic standards in Palestine.