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Jbeineh 1992

It is a story of a little girl who is bewildered by the lullabies of the cradle and the bathing in olive oil. Grows up in laughter and joy. One day Jneineh runs to the wilderness with her peers to the little Za’rora tree. Jbeineh is left alone towards sunset. Night approaches while she is still on the tree, so she feels frightened and confused. She is rescued by a passing prince who attempts to seduce her. When she refuses he punishes her by forcing her to be his goose shepherdess.

Then she runs away to wander a maze. She is chased by a wolf.

Finally, she reaches her village, but the wolf keeps chasing her and surrounds the village. Since the villagers feel so afraid, they withdraw to the centre of their village leaving its peripheries to the wolf. The wolf continues to advance making the circle smaller and smaller.

-           Are there any other options?!

-           Are there any alternative possibilities to reconstruct the events of the story, other tracks, for example?!


Lyrics: Wasim Al-Kurdi

Music: Said Murad

Décor: Khalil Rabah and Amer Safarini

Costumes Design: Ghassoub Sarhan

Light Designer: Mazen Bazbaz

Choreographer: Khaled Elayyan, Fuad Fino

Directed by: Radhi D. Shihadeh

Dancers: Raed Anssara, Hisham Abu Laban, Issa Bousheh, Ghassan Rizqallah, Jamil Khoury, Fouad Fino, Ghniem Zarour, Tareq Saba, Raed Milad, Ibrahim Hussary, Samer Jadoun, Muntaha Aqel, Lubna Ghanayem, Vivian Al-Dalou, Rana Imsih, Nariman Mussleh, Shireen Imsih, Rawan Harb, Sali Sehwiel.

Singers: Muneef Shabaneh, Fairouz Ghanayem, Omar Al-Jallad