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Qisset Sahet Il-Ward (The Story of Rose Courtyard) 2008

Abu Yousef and Hamdan try to revive whatever is left of our worn-out memories… The stage offers what they remember from stories that took place before the Nakbeh 1984. Their memories merge to produce a reflection of a collective memory. Abu Yousef has lost all but pieces of his memory, since some time now, and Hamadan is living in wander and fog. He nevertheless decides to retrieve what he can of his and Abu Yousef’s lost memories, so they talk about days of the past.

Writer: Dr. Hussein Barghouthi

Director: Amer Hleihel

Choreographer: Khaled Elayyan

Production Manager: Rabea Al-Kurdi

Music Distribution: Habib shihadeh Hanna

Costumes and Accessories Design: Walid Mawe’d

Costumes Making: Ghada Khouri – Women Union Society

Scenography: Muaz Al- Jubah

Stage Manager: Asad Hussari, Mais Hajaj

Actors: Aymen Nahas, Amer Huleheil

Dancers: Amal Khatib, Nour Nusseibeh, Shatha Toutah, Salma Attaya, Christine Halteh, Haneen Mansour, Majd Hajjaj, Rawan Hourani, Yazan Eweidat, Jamil Sehweil, Omar Shabaneh, Nael Muadi, Salim Hussari, George Abu Ghazaleh, Haitham Odeh, Jihad Abu Thabet.