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Min Al-Ghubar (From Dust) 2012

From choreographer Samar Haddad King in collaboration with Sareyyet Ramallah Contemporary Dance Troupe comes the adventurous tale of the bond between a family and their land, and the lengths they will go to return home. Through the journey to return her grandfa- ther’s ashes to his birthplace, Hind finally comes to understand a lifetime of stories on love and yearning, and confronts her own displace- ment as a Palestnian living abroad. In collaboration with the dancers of Sareyyet Ramallah ``From Dust” explores time, memory, identity and the quest for home, in a visually stunning ensemble work, set to an original sound score by Palestnian composer, boikut.

Directed and written by: Samar Haddad King

Translation: Hisham Abu Jabal

Music: Boikutt *

Light Designer: Muaz Al-Jubeh

Actors: Riham Isaac and Kareem Dabbah

Dancers: Amal Khatib, Salma Attaya, Majd Hajjaj, Hiba Harhash, Firas Farrah, and Adel Mashriky

*All songs are originally composed by boikutt with exception of an excerpt titled “Sing, Sing, Sing” composed by Louis Prima in 1936 and performed by Benny Goodman