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Facilities Rent Policy

Conditions of Agreement to Rent Facilities at Sareyyet Ramallah

Sareyyet Ramallah will provide the use of its facilities to external parties when permission has been requested in writing and has been approved according to the following guidelines.


A. Scheduling

a. Sareyyet Ramallah reserves the right to cancel the agreement at any time.

b. Sareyyet Ramallah facilities are to be used only for the specific group and functions stated on this application.

c. If the scheduled event is cancelled by the requesting party, Sareyyet Ramallah must receive notification not less than fifteen (15) days of the event to receive a full refund of any monetary deposits.

d. If Sareyyet Ramallah is closed due to inclement weather or any emergency, the facility will be closed and the closing days will be compensated later.


B.  Equipment Set-Up

a. All facility equipment will be under the direct control and supervision of Sareyyet Ramallah employee.

b. Insurance: Sareyyet Ramallah will not be liable for any loss of Tenant’s property. Tenants hereby acknowledge this and agree not to make any claims for any losses or damages against Sareyyet Ramallah or employees.

c. Condition of the Studio: The tenant hereby acknowledge that the rented facility is in good condition, and if anything that has been used during the classes affected the mirror, floor or anything in the studio, the second party will compensate Sareyyet Ramallah for any losses, and the agreement will be cancelled immediately.


C. Acknowledge:

Sareyyet Ramallah acknowledges the tenant that he/she is not allowed to use or insert any large equipment into the studio; since this may affect the quality of the floor or mirrors in the studio, even if it is for training purposes.


D. NO smoking.

E. Electronic cigarettes, alcohol, weapons, drugs: are not permitted on any Sareyyet Ramallah property. This includes all areas inside and outside.

F. No food or beverages are permitted inside Sareyyet Ramallah facilities.

G. Form of payment: Tenants agree to pay their rent in person, and prehead of each month.


Facilities can be rent for:

  • Dance training and rehearsals.
  • Fitness classes
  • Conference
  • lectures
  • Seminars

If you wish to rent any of our facilities, please contact us via email at sareyyet@sareyyet.ps