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Founded in 2006, MASAHAT (Landscapes) dance networks concerned with developing strong relationships between individual artists, dance associations and companies. The network focuses on the exchange and development of collaborative projects between artists from different cultural, social and artistic backgrounds.

MASAHAT’s objectives are to broaden the space for the exchange of ideas and experiences, and to develop a new perspective of artistic creation not limited to the borders of a country or the anthem of a nation. Our aim is to unite artists in celebrating their present human condition as a diverse group. We do our best to visualize the body from an uncommon gaze and use it as an expressive and, perhaps, revolutionary tool. Focusing on contemporary perceptions of the 'body’, MASAHAT itself could be considered a new body that aims at building capacities, developing public awareness, encouraging diversity and promoting social themes through the organization of artistic events.
In continuing with the collaborative efforts of previous years, BIPOD (Beirut International Platform of Dance), RCDF (Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival), and ACDF (Amman Contemporary Dance Festival) have again united in making distances closer and experiences bigger.
Maqamat Dance Theater
Sareyyet Ramallah – First Ramallah Group
The National Center for Culture & Arts - King Hussein Foundation
Tanween Network for Theatrical Dance