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Sareyyet Ramallah- First Ramallah Group
Sareyyet Ramallah-First Ramallah Group (FRG) is a Palestinian nongovernmental community-based independent organization established in 1927. The organization’s work feeds from its solid belief in humanitarian values and principles, as well as, equality regardless of gender, religion, or race, guaranteeing the rights of special social groups. Sareyyet Ramallah develops and implements diverse programs and activities for all social categories in the Palestinian society, aiming to contribute in community development, on the basis of human and scout values, taking into consideration the needs of targeted groups.
Sareyyet Ramallah is an independent organization effective in nurturing empowered generations that contribute to community development.
Sareyyet Ramallah seeks to develop and implement a diversity of programs and activities for all social groups, to contribute in community development on the basis of human and scout values and in accordance with the needs of target groups.
  • Volunteering and public service  
  • Freedom of expression
  • Spirit of Citizenship
  • Tolerance and mutual respect
  • Equality
  • Acceptance of the other (acceptance)
  • Belonging                  
  • Love of homeland
  • Constructive competition
1.      Contribute to promoting and developing capacities and talents of the Sareyyet Ramallah members and the Palestinian youth in scouting, sports, artistic, cultural, and social fields.
2.      Serve the various Palestinian community groups, without any discrimination, through its different activities.
3.      Contribute to the development and building of the Palestinian civil society and the promotion of the national belonging spirit.
4.      Disseminate and promote democratic culture and values of citizenship and tolerance, among the Palestinian youth, in particular, and all society groups, in general.
5.      Spread the scout movement, deepen its concepts, instill and embed the concept of volunteerism.