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Summer intensive – edition 2019
L e s   A t e l i e r s   D é p l a c é s
By les ballets C de la B, Sareyyet Ramallah, A. M. Qattan Foundation
Les ballets C de la B, Sareyyet Ramallah and A.M.Qattan Foundation are collaborating to present an international edition of the summer dance workshops in Ramallah, Palestine.
Since 2001 there has been a close connection between the belgian dance company les ballets C de la B and the dance community in Ramallah. Les ballets C de la B went regularly to the Occupied Palestinian Territories (mostly Ramallah), gave workshops or invited Palestinian artists to come to Belgium. It has led to the Performing Arts Summer School, PASS, a long term project that Hildegard De Vuyst coordinated with young Palestinian performers in collaboration with les ballets C de la B (Ghent), the A.M. Qattan Foundation (Ramallah) and the Royal Flemish Theatre (Brussels). The absolute highlight of this adventure was Badke, a production with ten Palestinian dancers, that was performed all over the world, including Palestine in 2014.
Summer workshops has been an annual event – known as les ateliers C de la B in Ghent, organised by les ballets C de la B / known as Sareyyet Ramallah Summer Dance School (SRS Dance School), organised in Ramallah.
Why not joining forces and organising together a special edition for 2019?
Les Ateliers Déplacés are workshops by dancers from les ballets C de la B and by Palestinian dancers from PASS, in exchange with participants from different backgrounds, alongside an evening programme to meet each other outside of the rehearsal studio. All this will happen in Ramallah, where a dance community is alive and developing in the face of extremely difficult circumstances.
The programme of this summer intensive is meant for experienced dancers or performers from different backgrounds. With an intensive dance workshop during the day and an semi-public evening programme in Ramallah, Les Ateliers Déplacés will be more than ever a meeting place for international and local dancers. It’s a unique occasion to gain experience from different methodologies and teachers’ knowledge.
T h e   p r o g r a m m e   i s s t i l l   u n d e r   c o n s t r u c t i o n ,   b u t   y o u   c a n   n o t e   d o w n   a l r e a d y :
Sunday 21 - Thursday 25 July (5-days)
° workshop 1 by Farah Saleh
° workshop 2 by Serge Aimé Coulibaly
Friday 26 July
day off
Saturday 27 July - Wednesday 31 July (5-days)
° workshop 3 by Salma Ataya & Yazan Iwidat
° workshop 4 by Lisi Estaras
° workshop 5 by Kabinet K (Joke Laureyns & Kwint Manshoven)


Participants can register for 5 days (one workshop) or for 10 days (two workshops) and should make a choice out of the 5 workshops. This month the call for applying will be announced by each of the three partners on their website.