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Dance and Video Workshop
The Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival organizes 'the Video and Dance Workshop”, under the direction of the German director and photographer Michael Maurensen during the period from 30th of March and 6th of April 2019.
The workshop aims at introducing participants to dance techniques, focusing on the relationship between dance and the camera. As a result, short films will be produced by participants and presented in the festival, as well as, through social media.                                                                     
The workshop aims at highlighting the relationship between the body and its surroundings, group work, research in visual composition, and stages of producing dance films, including concept building, preparation, production and post-production.
Michael Maurensen
Michael Maurensen was born in Brussels where he started studying dance. He also studied dance in Munich and Zurich. He worked with many groups and dance designers including the Nürnberg Ballet, Freiburg Ballet, Mannheim Theater, Amanda Miller, William Forsythe, Kay Dick, Hedtio Hishiki, Martin Sonderkamp, ​​Kevin Audi, Dominique Domis, George Richelle and others.
Michael works in graphic design, photography and filmmaking. In 2013, he completed his senior studies at the Cologne Academy of Media Arts in scenography and documentary filmmaking. He currently produces films, experimental video works, organizes video dance courses, and participates in many visual arts projects.