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Masahat Dance Network

Founded in 2006, MASAHAT Dance Network came to exist after the Maqamat Dance Theater – Lebanon and Sareyyet Ramallah have met. Later in 2008, the National Center for Culture and Performing Arts – Jordan and Tanween Dance Theatre – Syria joined them.

These parties agreed to establish a cooperative network for cultural activities, to create space for dialogue and communication, as part of its artistic framework represented through contemporary theatrical dance.

Masahat Network is interested in developing artistic and cultural ties between contemporary dance groups and dancers. It also focuses on developing joint artistic projects and exchanging them. Artists from different cultural, social and artistic backgrounds take part in these endeavors.

This Network aims at creating a new space to exchange thoughts and experiences and to develop the concept of artistic creativity. It also aims at brining contemporary dancers together, making all efforts to build capacities and encouraging cultural diversity. It also insists on specific social principles such as freedom of expression, body ideologies and self-development.

Lately, Beirut Dance Festival (BIPOD) and Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival (RCDF) have met to bridge the distances and widen the experiences. They were joined by two new partners, namely Damascus Contemporary Dance Forum (DCDF) and Amman Contemporary Dance Festival (ACDF).

Maqamat Dance Theater - Lebanon

Sareyyet Ramallah – First Ramallah Group - Palestine

The National Center for Culture & Arts - King Hussein Foundation - Jordan

Tanween Network for Theatrical Dance - Syria