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Hamadah Cultural Center

Hamadah Cultural Center was established in 1998 as one of Sareyyet Ramallah programs. It is a multi-activity and multi-purpose center that targets males and females of age group 10-16 years.


Based on Sareyyet Ramallah vision of the importance of targeting and promoting the young males and females and its enthusiasm to promote the national and cultural identity and values of tolerance among the young generations, Hamadah Cultural Center was established. The idea to establish the Center came out jointly between Sareyyet Ramallah and the family of late member Hamadah Abu Laban to commemorate him.

Center Message

The Center focuses on promoting the national and cultural identity and spirit of citizenship among boys and girls in the Palestinian society in general.

Center Objectives

  • To promote democratic dialogue, communication and spirit of tolerance among the target groups.
  • To promote the spirit of leadership among Palestinian citizens within the target groups.
  • To fill up the leisure time with useful activities of educational dimensions.
  • To refine the talents of the target groups.
  • To promote the relation with the local communities in Palestine.
  • To promote the integration of target group so as to be involved in the public issues.
  • To promote networking and communication of beneficiaries, at the individual level, with the Center programs and activities and at the institutional level through networking with counterpart local institutions and organizations and at the Arab and international levels.
  • To provide diverse activities that fit with the beneficiaries’ tendencies, aspirations and age.

Center Field of Work

The Center implements the following:

  • Extracurricular cultural, artistic, educational and sports activities.
  • Voluntary activities serving the Palestinian community.
  • Activities designed and implemented by the target groups to promote the leadership spirit among them.
  • Joint activities with organizations operating in the same field in other Palestinian local communities.
  • Integration of the Center beneficiaries in activities implemented by Sareyyet Ramallah various departments.

Target Group

Through its activities, the Center targets boys and girls of age group 10-16 years.