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Sports Department

To advance and improve the sports level of children and youth and build a generation having a spirit of sport and physical fitness in addition to sports skills that enable them to compete and represent Sareyyet Ramallah and Palestine, Sareyyet Ramallah attaches great attention to sports for all age groups and for males and females. The Sports Department, which includes a large number of youth of expertise and competence in the field of sports, is in charge of supervising and organizing the different sports activities.

Sareyyet Ramallah teams of basketball, girls’ football and swimming are considered of the most important sports teams in Palestine. Sareyyet Ramallah players (males and females) have a high level of sports techniques and most of them participate in the Palestinian teams. Moreover, Sareyyet Ramallah is an effective member in the Palestinian federations of basketball, football and swimming and it won several local championships.

Sareyyet Ramallah annually organizes a number of sports championships including:

  • Organizations’ Basketball Championship
  • Cubs and Beginners Basketball Championship
  • Girls’ Basketball Championship
  • Men’s Basketball Martyrs’ Championship (one of the most important championships)
  • Girls’ Football Championship

Furthermore, Sareyyet Ramallah gives great attention to swimming, karate, physical fitness through providing specialized training courses throughout the year.