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Maysa Khouri Summer Camp

Maysa Khouri Summer Camp, which provides a cultural, social, artistic and recreational environment for children, was established in 2010. This Camp seeks to provide children with an opportunity to explore their talents and develop their capacities in addition to providing them with a space to acquire knowledge in a recreational and interesting approach through numerous fun activities.

Among the programs and activities provided in the Camp: Ballet, Dabkeh (popular dance), contemporary dance, football, basketball, Karate, clay and wall paintings, drawing, swimming, theater and drama, computer and scout skills.

The Camp targets children of age group 5-12 years and it is supervised by specialized trainers in addition to 50 volunteers (males and females) of age group 15-18 years selected through a training workshop annually held. The Camp is held during summer vacation and continues for a month.For those willing to register in Maysa Khouri Summer Camp 2012, please call 2952690 or send an e-mail to Sareyyet@sareyyet.ps. You may also fill out an application by clicking on this link