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Al-Barjawi 2000

A hidden love story between Musallam Al-Birjawi, a peddler, and Zarqa’, a local girl. This story is revealed through Musallam’s wandering to fulfil his people’s needs. However, in reality, the trip is a quest for experience, knowledge and assertiveness.

As if were just a dream, where the theater becomes the imagination of the dancers, when the storyteller comes to tell his people the Musallam Al-Birjawi story-based on Musallam’s personality in the popular story “Ma’asalameh Ya’ Imsalaam”. The story – teller take without leaving their places to other new worlds and spaces – and wake up gaining from this experience the sense of flying spirits and expansion of visions.


Lyrics: Mahmoud Abu Hashhash

Music: Said Murad, Munir Bashir, Omar Farouq

Décor: Majed Az-Zubaidi

Costumes Design: Ghassoub Sarhan

Light Designer: Muaz Al- Jubeh

Choreography Consultant: Nicholas Row

Choreographer: Khaled Elayyan

Director: Mohammad Khomais

Dancers: Ibrahim Hussary, Majdi Al-Jallad, Ghniem Zarour, Wasim Azar , Hasan Al-Bawwab, Mustafa Daoud, Raed Badwan, Mohammad Abu Ghoash, Nashe’ Jalal, Hani Ghazi, Mohammad Abu Shousheh, Mohammad Al-Tarifi, Maher Shawamreh, Lina Haramy, Lena Hammoudeh, Karol Awad, Manar Hishmeh, Karmel Shihadeh, Maha Abu Shalbak, Nour Nussaibeh, Yafa Jarrar, Maysa’ Hondaileh, Haneen Mansour, Lubna Siam, Rana Dabeet.