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Ala Al-Hajiz (At the Checkpoint) 2005

The Checkpoint and the separation wall have become integral parts of our lives. These barriers that stand in the face of our way to our schools, work or home. Barriers that descend on cross roads and bypasses, shutting outlets to our villages and acting as the Gate of Death, awaiting us and shattering our dreams.

At the checkpoint, an absolute life has been created by people waiting, talks, faces, stories, trivial questions about work, school and the weather. New professions have formed wagons, peddlers, coffee and tea kiosks; the stubbornness of life and people’s desire of survival and raising hope as Mahmoud Darwish says.

As a Dance Company, we have tried to say something about the above. We, who upon finishing our dance training, go to the checkpoint for it leads the path to the rest of life.

In this production, people meet at an Israeli checkpoint. They are surprised to see an enormous wall separating them from their towns, villages, schools, and workplaces … while waiting, their stories accumulate … A child who loves football and celebrates his birthday at the checkpoint … A young woman giving birth at the checkpoint … A bride waiting for her bridegroom … A young man who is traveling and more has desire in life … The defeated, rebellious and escaper … They spend long hours at the checkpoint observing and waiting … And on the other side, a school bell rings, a store gate opens, and the operation room is lit. All spectators stare in an empty field.

Idea and Directed by: Khaled Elayyan

Poetry: Ghassan Zaqtan

Music: Aboud As-sadi, Suad Masi, Marcel Khalifeh, Basel Zayed,  Wisam Qatawneh, Ahmad Qa’bour, Samir Jubran, Marwan Abado

Scenography: Muaz Jubeh

Choreographers: Khaled Elayyan, Lina Harami, Elena Hammoudeh

Training: Lina Harami

Dancers: Nael Muaddi, Peter Salameh, Omar Shabaneh, Basil Irshaid, Yousef Toumeh, Louai Hussari, Mohammad Al-Najjar, Yazan Eweidat, George Abu Ghazaleh, Lina Haramy, Nour Nusseibeh, Tamara Habash, Haneen Mansour, Amal Al-Khatib, Widad Tanous, Nadia Arouri, Saja Jaradat, Salama Attaya, Lama Attaya, Dima Ibrahim, Lama Innabi, Sandra Rishmawi, Dalia Sa’adeh, Yara Totah, Nour Rimawi, Sathat Totah.