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Ajal 2016

The word "Ajal" contains more than six meanings in the Arabic language. Additionally, it is also the word refugee inverted (Laje'). Ajal presents a depiction of refugees from the perspective of Palestinians living inside their homeland. It seeks to display the current refugee crisis and the different effects it holds on human kind. Some are not affected, and their inaction leads to the exacerbation of the ongoing situation. Others pose a direct impact on making life unbearable as a refugee. Ajal also reminds us that refugees are humans. The piece was inspired by recent images and stories of refugees. It also allocates a closed assimilation between the refugee crisis and the current status of Palestinians living in Jerusalem, who are in a daily threat of becoming refugees in their own country.

Choreographer: Jumana Daibis

Music: Anouar Brahem - The Astounding Eyes of Rita, Sabreen - Death of the Prophet, 47 Soul - Intro to Shamtep

Dancers: Yousef Sbeih, Yousef Kurdi, Maali Maali, Jassi Murad, Ramz Siam, Nowwar Elayyan, Becky Kaod, Hala Sweidan, Sarah Quttob