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Shapeshifter with Helena Krinal - Estonia/Palestine 2023

Director/Choreographer, Set Designer, Dancer: Helena Krinal,

Music By: Liis Ring,

Costume Designer: Tiina Pikas,

 Dramaturgy: Birute Baneviciute

Helena Krinal is a dance artist who resides and works in both Palestine and Estonia. Her primary focus is on creating high-quality art that is inclusive and accessible to people of all ages, regardless of their geographical location or financial circumstances.

"Shapeshifter" is an interactive dance performance designed for a very young audience, specifically babies aged 6 to 18 months. It takes the audience on a poetic journey, following a character that continually transforms its shape, embracing its evolving existence, and cherishing each new form while reflecting on the past. The performance actively engages the babies within this age group and encourages all members of the audience to freely explore the stage and props after the show.